RHODA NFT Merch Walk-Through (How To)

Welcome to RHODA Royalty Program (RRP), your membership directly supports the establishment of a sustainable transportation system in Sri Lanka, for more info on RRP visit our recent blogpost where we explain why we are releasing 100 RHODA NFTs.

We have partnered with Niftron who is a Sri Lankan company that has simplified blockchain technology through simple interfaces for creation, management and transferring. We are using Stellar blockchain technology as their carbon footprint is 99% less than other blockchain technologies such as Ethereum

When you purchase an RHODA NFT merch item, at checkout you will be asked for a Niftron ID/Alias to which we will transfer your RHODA Royalty Program NFT to. The following is a simple guide to getting your NFT, below is a video guide.

The capital through NFT Merch will be used to the establishment of sustainable mobility in Sri Lanka

Select the NFT Merch you like and go to checkout, however before you press the “place order” button, follow the below steps

Step 1 – Visit profile.niftron.com and create an account, remember your alias for later

Step 2 – Select preferred account security level, if unsure click “view details”

Step 3 – Copy your alias to the data field at the RHODA checkout

Step 4 – Once we verify the order and receive your payment we will send the NFT to your Niftron account. You will need to accept it by logging into your account and going “My Inbox”

Step 5 – Look for the NFT in “My Vault” to verify the transfer has been completed

Step 6 – Congratulations, you are now an official member of the RHODA Royalty Program, 1 out of only 100 exclusive members who are integral in the part of establishing sustainable mobility in Sri Lanka. You can share this message with your friends with the social buttons highlighted below.

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