RHODA Royalty Program – Press Release

RHODA launches Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) awarding Lifetime Discounts and VIP Privileges to RHODA supporters with the aim of crowdfunding the adoption of Sustainable Mobility in Sri Lanka. 

The digital NFTs will be hardcoded to physical RHODA merchandise in the form of T-Shirts, Masks and Wallets, another first in Sri Lanka.

“We are excited to announce our RHODA Royalty Program backed by Stellar blockchain-powered NFTs with the aim of building a community of Sri Lankans eager to kickstart the sustainable urban mobility revolution in our country,” said Eyas Fazul, Founder and CEO of RHODA.

NFTs are a blockchain-enabled technology that has gained popularity in recent months around the world for enabling traceable purchases of exclusive digital items such as art, music, games and other unique collectibles by bypassing intermediaries such as agencies, galleries or record labels who usually charge high fees to “authenticate” the purchase. Through the power of blockchain technology, the creators of NFT digital items are now directly releasing them to customers.

RHODA’s limited release NFTs, called the RHODA Royalty Program, will be available as a combination of high quality physical merchandise including T-shirts made of upcycled cotton, and ethically sourced leather masks and wallets, along with a lifetime 15% discount on future RHODA accessories, services and VIP access to exclusive RHODA events. The Royalty Program is a digital lifetime membership program where owners can resell the NFT in a public market similar to a share. The value of lifetime card NFT is expected to increase for future RHODA owners and users due to its exclusivity as only 100 similar tokens will ever be created. The RHODA Royalty Program NFT is verified using the sustainable Stellar platform.

RHODA is collaborating with evolMVT and ZYDHNEY to release only 100 NFT + Merch, starting at Rs. 4,890, and for the well-wishers and the fashionable, a selection of non-NFT merch starting at Rs. 1,890, all of which can be purchased through the website.

“We have had a tough few months with delays and restrictions since our launch in September, some due to COVID and some due to us being a young company looking to redefine transportation here. We are deeply grateful to all of our customers and supporters for your continued patience and faith in us as we work full steam ahead to both get RHODA to your hands and to also continuously launching cutting-edge solutions such as this NFT based program.” said Fazul.

RHODA manufacturers Sri Lanka’s first electric smart-bicycle, the RHODA AT. The RHODA AT comes with an electric motor with five levels of assist and a cruise mode, 60km of range along unlimited range for standard pedaling, smartphone access and mount, biometric authentication, disc brakes, a comfortable step-through design, 4L of luggage space, LED lights and all-terrain tires.

For more information on the RHODA Royalty Program and other products offered by RHODA, visit

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