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1. Where can I buy the bicycle?

You can preorder the bicycle through our website

2. What’s the price?

Prices start at Rs. 159,000. The RHODA AT is at Rs. 159,000 and the RHODA SS is at Rs. 189,000

3. Are there any demo rides?

No. You can register for a test ride through

4.How long does it take to get the bicycle delivered?

90 days from pre-order, in 30 days we will invite you to a test ride the RHODA where we will
expect a 80% down payment or choice of credit card payment plan, and balance on delivery.

5. What is the guarantee period?

One year complete warranty

6. What are repairs and after sales like?

We have all parts for repairs, and we have in-house services and also the bicycle can be serviced
by a trusted winkle since most of the mechanics are of a traditional bicycle.

7. Are there any legal requirements to ride this?

No, since this is classified as a bicycle, there are no licenses or registrations required

8. What is the lifetime of the battery and do you have replacements?​

Lifetime of the battery depends on how you charge it. If you overcharge it everyday, i.e. leave it
overnight to charge you will see a 20% drop in battery capacity in the first 12 months. On the
other hand, if it’s charged up to 80% every time, you will only see a 20% drop in 4 years.

9. How does the integrated lock work?

The integrated lock and 1.2m steel cable are built into the bicycle so that your RHODA will always be safe and secure wherever you go. You release the lock through the RHODA smartphone APP, pull out the cable to wrap it around an immovable object, and then lock it back into the bike frame. Watch the features video in our design section to see the lock in action.

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