Our Story

Rhoda, a startup and partnership between Eyas Fazul, Fazul Mowjood and Lee Bazalgette, is focused on delivering innovative electric transportation that is designed and built in Sri Lanka.

This trio has the perfect complimentary skill set to ensure the products are cutting edge, well designed and delivered on time. Aimed at commuters and thrill seekers alike the Rhoda AT has been designed to make every journey as comfortable, exciting and fun as possible.

With the traffic in Sri Lanka’s cities becoming increasingly congested and polluted, the switch to emission-free transportation is more pressing than ever. With its powerful electric motor the Rhoda AT literally takes the sweat out of getting about, and a range of 60kms on a single charge means there’s capacity enough for the commute to work, a trip to the supermarket, catching the sunset over the ocean and then heading home.

Our Mission

We are passionate about people, the planet and the journeys that connect us. Our focus is to make your journey convenient, sustainable, economical and FUN! We envision creating a shift in lifestyle on par with how the introduction of the first iPhone changed life as we know it.

Everyone aspires to own a vehicle in Sri Lanka, however our cities and our roads aren't built for that scale, no city in the world is. Out of the 500,000 private vehicles that come into Colombo everyday, some 200,000 are single-occupancy cars. This creates the nightmare that is the daily commute. We imagine a world where the cars stopped coming in and electric bicycles come instead, which are designed for practicality and ease of commute.


At Rhoda we believe that great design and high quality products can be both affordable and sustainable.

We place people and the planet at the core of our business and strive to uphold these values with every decision we take. 


Our vision is that all cities will be cycle friendly, have clean breathable air and be free from the torment of traffic and pollution.

We want every Rhodie to look forward to and enjoy every journey they make with one of our produ

Our Team

Eyas Fazul

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