Be a part of a cleaner, healthier future for Sri Lanka by investing in one of our limited edition NFT products.

All profits will be put directly into the ongoing development of the RHODA AT.

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100 exclusive NFT merch is both a physical and digital product, 

Physically, we collaborate with evolMVT and ZYDHNEY, to release a limited number of exclusive 

– Unique Urban T-Shirts (upcycled material)

– Safe and Secure Leather Masks (ethically sourced)

– and Sleek Wallets (ethically sourced)

Digitally, you will receive 1 of only 100 sustainable blockchain (Stellar) verified digital tokens, a membership card that can be resold like shares, that grants you a LIFETIME 15% discount on all future 

– RHODA Accessories 

– RHODA Merch

– RHODA Services

and VIP access to RHODA Events ????????


This is for those who want invest in the growth of RHODA in Sri Lanka and soon the world, for those like-minded people who are eager to be part of the revolution and ignite the transition to a more sustainable, convenient and economical solution to urban mobility for a equitable society. 

This is RHODA’s mission statement and we believe blockchain technology is an enabler of democratisation of this mission. #POWERTOTHEPEOPLE


Place an order, pay cash on delivery or make a bank deposit. There are both NFT and non-NFT Version of the merch for you to choose.

Buy Now on our Online Shop